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Empire Refractory Company

        Nanjing HB foundry Material Co., Ltd. which was founded on 2000, is a professional provider of raw material for foundry industrial,carbon additive,graphite,Nodulariser, Inoculant,and Mould hioculant etc. with 10,000MT annual sales capacity. 100% of our sales are available for export trade.
        Our products was based on chemical analysis and SEIKO ICP Spectrometer to make allsided analysis with products. the complete equipment and credible inspection method can provide all kinds of especial specification alloy such as Nodulariser, Inoculant, Mould Inoculant,Vermicular agents and pipe mould power upon customer's request,we also hope to take ceriain research of new alloy product.
        For more information about any of our products, please feel free to contact us directly. We sincerely provide you more satisfactorily service .
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